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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frosted Flakes Plant a Seed campaign

Some of my favorite childhood memories are those of the Saturdays my 6th grade friends and I would hang out at our local Little League field. Watching our guy friends play ball, eating snack bar junk food and, of course, chatting as girls do - probably about who the latest cute boy was. I also remember the hours I practiced and played on the many school baseball fields with my own girls' fast pitch team, not to mention the many soccer teams that converged each Saturday on the various soccer fields across town. Why do I remember these places so vividly now as a MOM?

Because, as a Mom, I now spend many hours driving from field to field, whether it be for soccer games and Little League games or the many practices my children have attended over the years. With 5 kids and 19 years on the mom journey so far, we have definitely spent our share of time on the sidelines and in the bleachers and experienced the ongoing need to maintain our well-used fields.

As communities face dramatic budget cuts, many fields go months - even years - without maintenance, let alone renovation or rebuilding. And, when fields fall into disrepair, we lose them as central gathering places in our communities - places where our children engage in team sports or meet up after school for a pick-up game. Places where we walk our dogs and chat with our neighbors, where adults gather for recreation leagues and families spend leisurely weekends.

Have your community fields begun to feel the effects of our country’s economic condition?

How can we, as parents, make a difference and ensure that our children will grow up with adequate playing fields in our communities?

Embracing this spirit of making a difference, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Earn Your Stripes program has initiated a call-to-action for a national field renovation program that kicks off this coming Super Bowl Sunday with a commercial entitled "Plant a Seed." The ad focuses on the role we all play in building stronger communities and making a difference in kids' lives. Because the Earn Your Stripes program is about inspiring kids to be their very best, "Plant a Seed" shows that before anyone can earn a single stripe, someone has to plant a seed and help give kids places to realize their promise and potential.

The field renovation initiative will make over approximately 50 fields across the United States to help provide better places for families to stay active. Through this program, fields will once again become central and vibrant places of activity and community in cities and towns across the country.

Playing sports can build values like determination, confidence, and friendships in our children and communities. I encourage you to nominate your local field at www.FrostedFlakes.com. Be sure to tune-in to watch the "Plant a Seed" commercial as Frosted Flakes launches its national call-to-action to millions this coming Super Bowl Sunday.

Be sure to let 24/7 MOMS know if your community field WINS your nomination

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Giveaways at the "Organize It" Party

Have you signed up for the 23 amazing GIFTS (giveaways) 24/7 MOMS is giving away during the "Organize It" Party?

Be sure to enter for your chance to WIN these great GIFTS (giveaways ) ..we will draw the winners for each GIFT on February 1, 2009

Gift #1

Our First Gift ( giveaway) is the perfect MOM tool for every mom's kitchen to simplify her life and help her to "Plan It".

Ready to go techno when it comes to keeping track of your grocery lists and errands that need to be run? Today we are giving away a Smart Shopper to one of our 24/7 MOMS “Organize It” Party attendees.

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Gift #2

The Great American Supper Swap Book.

Did you know that only 50% of American families eat dinner together every night, and 34% of those meals come from fast food restaurants? Families are giving up on supper and kids are paying the price. If your weekday evenings look more like a sitcom than a family show, supper swapping is for you!

The Great American Supper Swap presents the simple solution to your dinnertime dilemma. A way to provide a delicious and nutritious, freshly prepared supper for your family each and every night of the week by simply swapping meals with your girlfriends.

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Gift #3

The Family Facts School Years Memento Keeper

The ultimate interactive keepsake for you and your child!

The all-too-quick sprint to adulthood makes it hard to keep track of a
child's ever-changing personality, but now you can capture everything while
it's happening-from pre-K through high school graduation-in this attractive
keepsake album that you and your child can fill out together.

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Gift #4

Our next GIFT ( Giveaway) is Happikins

What’s a Happikin?

Do you have kids? Do they have mouths? Do they eat lunch with those mouths? Do they sometimes miss their mouths when eating lunch... maybe getting said lunch on their face and hands?

We can't stop your kids from making messes, but we can help clean them up without making a mess of the environment. Happikins™ are machine-washable cloth napkins for school lunches.

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Gift #5

Gift ( Giveaway) #5 is AFFRESH
Keep your washer clean and fresh-smelling with this Affresh washer cleaner package.
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Gift #6

Cindy Sigler Dagnan's book Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?
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Gift #8
AMIES stationery set that is designed for people who love dogs and love whimsy design in mind.

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Get Organized and Go Paperless with Pixily

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A Three month subscription to
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The Couponizer® is a organizing and shopping system for
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Couponizer at the "Organize It" Party

Today is our final day of the "Organize It" party and we are ending it with some great hints on organizing your coupons and today's gift is one of my new favorite mom tools thatI know will help you as mom to be an organized frugal shopper.

24/7 MOMS had a fun three weeks hosting our fist "Organize It " party and we want to invite you to visit us daily for more great MOM stuff. Including some great upcoming Valentine giveaways, ideas and fun as well as we are working on our next big event the "Frugal Living" Party.

Be sure to sign-up for our email updates so you stay in the MOM know at 24/7 MOMS

Now let's go "Organize It"

Coupon Smarts - How to make coupons equal cash, not clutter
By Amy Bergin, founder of The Couponzier
Today most everyone clips or saves a coupon from time to time. Who can resist? When you know you can save more than the next guy just by having a piece of paper or coupon code, it's a great feeling. Did you know that 336 billion dollars in coupons were distributed in 2002 and 3.8 billion coupons were redeemed, for a total savings to consumers of $3 billion? This is according to the Promotion Marketing Association's (PMA) Coupon Council. According to the PMA, 79 percent of consumers use coupons.
However, the drawback of coupons is that they can become just good intentions and not real savings when you forget them or let them expire. Also, if you have ever cut out coupons from the Sunday paper, you quickly realize that the piles of paper take time to manage in order to lead to measurable savings. This is where most people give up.
Here are a few simple things you can do to create a smart shopping routine that sets you up for successful savings.
Treat coupons like cash. Most everyone has a wallet to organize their cash and credit cards, and it would be silly not to return your cash and coins to the same place time and time again. The same is true with coupons.
Have the right tools for organizing, storing and accessing coupons. Any job is easier when you have the right tool for the job and let's face it, using coupons is at least a bit of a chore. Experiment with what works best for you: maybe you sort coupons by expiration date, alphabetically by brand, or in categories such as Canned Goods, Cleaning Supplies, Pet Care, and so on.
Success is in planning. Impulse purchasing, whether at the grocery store or the mall, can kill any attempts at saving. When you take time to create and carry out a coupon-saving plan, you will be more motivated to continue doing it and get better results as time goes by - and you reap the rewards. Use online resources to scout out deals before you shop. If you wait to get in the store to look at the sales circular, you open yourself up to veering off your shopping plan.
Use online sources to achieve additional coupon savings. Some grocery stores link their shopper card with a paperless coupon system where you select items you might purchase online. Then that information is uploaded to your shopper card and when you purchase these items and your shopper card is swiped, you received additional savings. Web Bucks are also available online through www.valuepage.com. These are coupons that you print out to use on your next shopping trip.
When the price is right, stock up. Many times grocery items go on sale or are buy-one-get-one-free. This is the time to combine your coupon with the store savings for maximum savings. Many times an item can end up being free!
Believe me I know, keeping the household stocked with food and supplies is an ongoing challenge. Staying on a budget is a continual process that requires sharp spending skills. With just a little know-how, coupons can help you stock up and save.
Amy Bergin, mother of three children, developed the Couponizer�. An award winning, must have organizing tool for any family who strives to make the most of their hard earned money. To find out more visit her website www.thecouponizer.com

Time to open another GIFT (giveaway)
Today's GIFT(giveaway) is oen of the most amaing coupon organization systems I have seen to date. A great MOM tool that you will love.

The Couponizer® is a organizing and shopping system for
coupons and other discounts and was created by Amy Bergin, the company President and
CEO who is a stay at home Mom with three children. As a former corporate training man-
ager at The Coca-Cola Company, she came up with this revolutionary shopping system
that offers more than just a holder for coupons as a way of improving her spending skills.
After developing these tools she noticed her spending stabilized and
therefore set out to share with others what she had discovered.

As the consumers search for ways to economize, The Couponizer has become the most popular.

The entire system includes:

• The Couponizer® booklet – 18 grocery
coupon pockets, 4 Non-grocery coupon
pockets, 3 gift card/shopper loyalty
sleeves, shopping pockets

• Shopping List

• CoupStacker – pre-sorting mat

• CoupTracker – spiral bound list to track
spending and saving

• “Your Guide to Smart Savings” – booklet
with spending strategy and coupon tips
from Amy Bergin

• Scissors

• Carrying Bag – clear vinyl zippered bag

The perfect way to "Organize It" when it comes to our coupons.

The Couponizer and
24/7 MOMS are giving away one Couponizer. To enter for your chance to win, enter your name and email address in the box below you will be signed up for today's giveaway as well as be added to the 24/7 MOMS E-list (if you are not already a 24/7 MOMS subscriber). Drawing to be held on February 1, 2009

FREEbie Party Favor
Today's FREEbie Party favor is going to help you cash in on savings using coupons, online offers and freebies.

These are 5 of the FREE online sites that I visit often and even subscribe to their daily email updates so that I can cash in on savings for my family.


Saving Cents Every Day! http://www.savingcentseveryday.com/ "It's Not Just About Coupons, It's About Saving Money -Every Day!"


Thanks for being part of the "Organize It" Party be sure to join us for more great MOM stuff right here at 24/7 MOMS.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Manage It" - Mail, Paper and more

Welcome back to " Manage It" at today's "Organize It" Party. Let's chat about Junk email/ mail, all those piles of papers and learn about some solutions on how can we manage it from organization experts.

Ready to Manage it? and don't forget to enter our next GIFT ( giveaway).

Help my Email Box is Too Full
By: Beth Dargis

My daily email time was getting longer again. So time to unsubscribe.

What I unsubscribed from:

* Daily inspirational emails. I just didn't have time to read them every day and get inspiration in my daily blog reading.

* Emails from people I have bought from in the past. It's nice to know when there is a deal, but most of the time I don't need to be buying anyway.

*My Google calendar daily agenda. I now have my calendar write in my Gmail sidebar thanks to a new Google lab.

* A couple yahoo groups that produced tons of emails.

*Some Google alerts that weren't helpful.

*Many of my calendar reminders, since my Google calendar is right there in my Gmail account.

*Facebook and MySpace updates. I would rather just do a quick check at the sites daily.

What can you unsubscribe from?

Beth Dargis
helps the overwhelmed create saner, simpler lives. Join her to create a great plan for decluttering your life and enjoy fun support in her 8-wk declutter group which starts Jan 26th.

And you can get a free Declutter Calendar here:

Time to open another GIFT (giveaway)

Today's GIFT (giveaway) comes from Password Directory.com™ a pocket-sized Internet address organizer. This handy book makes it easy to keep track of Internet users names, IDs and passwords. The exclusive “hint” feature adds an extra level of privacy for confidential passwords by allowing the user to leave the password space blank, and use the hint feature instead. Password Directory.com™ saves time by eliminating unnecessary searches through loose scraps of paper, backs of envelopes and Post-it™ notes for misplaced or lost passwords and user names. Password Directory.com™ is the ultimate web solution for controlling the password revolution. Password Directory.com™ can be purchased online for $8.45 each at www.passworddirectory.com

Password Directory and and 24/7 MOMS are giving away one Password Directory. To enter for your chance to win, enter your name and email address in the box below you will be signed up for today's giveaway as well as be added to the 24/7 MOMS E-list(if you are not already a 24/7 MOMS subscriber). Drawing to be held on February 1, 2009

Paper, Paper it's everywhere..How do I file?

Getting Rid of Junk Mail

By: Molly Gold http://www.gomominc.com

Do you find yourself drowning in a sea of junk mail, solicitations and catalogs that you don't have time to read and don't want? Not only does junk mail clutter up your house, take up valuable time but it's also bad for the environment. Every year American households receive a total of 98 billion pieces of junk mail or 392 pieces of junk mail per person, which requires 6.1 million tons of paper, according to ForestEthics. It's time to get rid of junk mail for good.
Most junk mail senders get your name from a few companies and marketing associations. If you get delisted from their marketing database you can get rid of most of your junk mail. Visit these sites to add your name to Do Not Mail lists and opt-out of future junk mail:
Other Ways to Reduce Junk Mail
Not every company that sends you junk mail belongs to one of the above groups. So call the company's 800 number and request your address be removed. Be sure to have the catalog or mailer on hand.
Whenever you give out your mailing address, whether you are making a purchase online or entering a sweepstakes, be sure to look for a box to "opt out" of allowing the company to rent, sell or share your information to their partners or third-parties.

See you Tomorrow for more of the "Organize It" Party

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"Manage It" with Time Savers at the "Organize It" Party

Ready to "Manage It' today at the Organize it party? Today we have 4 more Time savers to share with you , along with some great tips to help you "Manage It" as a mom. Be sure to enter to WIN today's gift and grab your FREEbie party favor.

Enjoy your time at the "Organize It" party as you "Manage It"

FREEbie Party Favor
Today's FREEbie Party Favor is a free magazine subscription get your Free subscription to Kiwi Magazine and $5.00 in Earth's Best coupons when you join Mom Meets an online resource empowering parents to lead a greener life style.

Click here to get your FREEbie subscription today!

Time Wasters vs. Time Savers
By: Trisha Novotny trisha@247moms.com


I have had days and weeks that I look at my calendar and thought, "How did I possibly allow it to get so full of all these To-Do’s and To-Go’s?" Full of appointments, commitments I said YES to, activities my kids need to attend and many other things that filled up my schedule, only to now be completely overwhelmed with how will I do it all? How will I be at three places at once? Then I ask myself, "How do I avoid a repeat of this scenario in my mom world?" My answer.
Time Waster:
Have you ever drug three kids across a parking lot in the rain, up an elevator, down a hall, and in the door of your doctor's office, only to find out you have arrived a half hour late to your appointment and now have to reschedule? But, you're positive they told you 10:30, not 10:00! Or, maybe your days seem to fill up one by one, and your calendar seems to be out of control, never having any down time, never having time to prepare for the commitments you have made, never enough time for your family or for you?
Time Saver:
1. Use only ONE calendar/planner.
2. Check your calendar/planner daily. I use daily pages to keep track of where I need to go, what I need to do, who I need to call, even what is for dinner that night.
3. Look at the BIG picture – don’t say yes or schedule something on your calendar just because the day is free. Look at your entire week to see how it will affect your week by adding in one more thing.
4. Learn to write BIG in your calendar it will give you the gentle reminder that day is full.
5. Carry your calendar/planer with you so that when in need you can quickly refer to it.
6. Write everything down – do not rely on your memory.
7. Mark off days/time for family, friends and you.


Step into my office and take a look at my bookcase. You might begin wondering WHY I have rows of binders. They are the secret to my paper organization.

Time Waster: Do you have piles of loose papers such as recipes, magazine ideas, school letters/papers, holiday ideas, house decorating ideas, travel papers, etc.?

Time Saver: Create information binders for the various subjects of the piles of paper that need to be organized.
Some ideas are:

Kid's Binder: Sections for weekly teacher letters, upcoming field trip information, sports team lists, PTA notes, various information papers and letters from your children's activities, school directories , etc.

Christmas Binder: Sections for gift lists, holiday cards you have received and sent, holiday recipes, meal plans, decorating ideas, gift ideas, etc.

Meal Planning Binder: Sections for recipes, meal ideas, meal plan/calendar, shopping lists, coupons, etc.

Home Decorating Binder: Sections for each room of the house, to-do lists, ideas, paint samples, places to shop, etc.

What papers do you need to bring organization to? Create an information binder for them!

Using binders not only organizes your piles of papers, it also creates a simple place to find information you need.

Do you have an information binder? Comment and share your binder ideas with the 24/7 MOMS


Time Waster: If I were to choose one area that I waste some of my precious time - it would have to be surfing the internet , I am sure I could justify all of my clicking from blog to blog and web site to web site but in all reality it can SUCK my time up if I am not careful. What is your TIME WASTER? Chatting on the phone for endless amounts of time, those weekly even daily TV shows you can’t pull your self away from or maybe its reading junk mail and skimming thru catalogs that you will never even order out of.

We can easily get caught up in our time waster habit not even realizing how much time we have actually lost..

Time Saver:
I have TWO ideas of how to capture back the wasted time we are losing.

1. Set a Timer and limit the amount of time you use on your habit

2. Do TWO things at once – Such as wear a head set while chatting on the phone so you can fold laundry, clean out a drawer or cupboard, cook dinner etc while on the phone. Or While watching TV fold laundry, organize your receipts, clean out your purse etc. - always think what else could I be doing.

What is your time waster ? How do you save time? Comment and share it with the 24/7 MOMS.


Is your brain on overload, and you feel overwhelmed? If you're like me, after 5 kids I have ZERO brain cells left, especially those memory ones. I thoroughly believe that with each baby I delivered they also took part of my brain. I find myself often going about my day forgetting what I was doing, where I need to go, who I needed to call, etc. And, I have many of those moments. I walk into a room and wonder what I needed to do in this room? AHHHH, PLEASE give me my brain back or find a cure for this forgetful MOM syndrome.

Time Waster: Are you filling your brain trying to remember all the TO DO's, TO GO's and TO CALLS? ONLY to have get hit with the forgetful MOM Syndrome?

Time Saver: Become addicted to WRITING it down. - Create MASTER To Do, To Go and To Call lists for all areas of your life.

- Keep a note pad in your bathroom drawer. Often when I am getting ready in the morning I think of so many things I need to do, so I quickly jot them down, then take it to my desk and transfer to my master lists.

- Keep a note pad in your car. While being the MOM taxi or running my errands it seems I always think of things I need to remember. So, I can easily write them down on my pad of paper, then tear it off and take it to my desk to be placed on my master lists.

- Teach/ask your family members to leave notes for you on your desk or kitchen counter or create a hanging message center. If they need you to make an appointment for them, pick up a new bottle of shampoo, sign them up for a activity, etc. have them writeit down for you. These notes will assist the MOM memory.

- Use DAILY planner sheets to organize your days. I use the daily pages from http://www.thebusywoman.com/. These pages have sections for priorities (To Doʼs), Appointments, To Be called, Chores, Menu, and Notes. Each Sunday I sit down and fill these out so I have in writing what my week will entail. And, keep the forgetful MOM syndrome under control.

Have you experienced the forgetful MOM syndrome? Comment and share with the 24/7 MOMS your TIPS on MOM Memory.

Mom executive
By sue Fox

Moms are like high powered executives running a massive corporation, so we should act like it. If you do not have some kind of file folder system you need to get one. I actually have more than one, in different locations for different purposes. But the most important one is the one that sits on my kitchen counter in a cute little holder that I found at a container store. There are a dozen or so files, the titles include, each of my children’s schools, (there are 3), Dance, gymnastics, soccer, piano, medical, travel etc…. all the things that seem to come up frequently, or the types of things that have paper work that comes home a lot. I have a folder titled MOM… I know that whatever is in there needs my immediate attention… like field trip forms and the unused gift certificate for a massage that my husband gave me. You need to customize to your life. But it is easy to go to an office store and find something that works for you. This will help you control the paper that tends to pile up on your kitchen counter.

If you are the bill payer in your family: have a drawer, basket, whatever, just 1 place where you put your bills. Do NOT put anything else in the same spot… keep it exclusive to bills.
Attempt to pay everything that you can online, or even with an automatic withdrawal. If your utility company’s offer equalized payments, take advantage of them. It makes budgeting so much easier. If you need to get some financial matters in order make an appointment of 1 or 2 days to do just that. It will make your life so much easier.

Time to open another GIFT (giveaway)

Today's GIFT (giveaway) is the perfect mom time saver from Parents Digest.

Throw away those parenting books! Save money and time and get the information you need now from ParentsDigest.com

Unread parenting books growing dust bunnies? Mine too…

Ever wish someone would just tell you what’s in there so you don’t actually have to read the book? Me too…

With three active kids, all their friends and a dog that always seems to need a walk I can’t find the time to read. Last year when the stack actually FELL off my nightstand, in the middle of the night no less, I knew there had to be a better way.

There is – ParentsDigest.com. We select best-selling and classic parenting books and summarize them to eight easy-to-read portable pages. We’re sort of Cliff’s Notes® for parents. And, ParentsDigest saves you lots of money, ideal for budget thrifty moms. Visit our growing catalog now to see if that book you’ve been meaning to read is there – we bet it is!

Three easy ways to join us:
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Our Annual Subscription includes two summaries of your choice e-mailed to you each month plus four bonus summaries also of your choice. Get the information you need, quickly and easily, while saving valuable time and money too.

Special Offer only for 24/7Moms members. A FREE 90-day subscription to one lucky winner. Simply visit ParentsDigest now and download your Free Summaries. When we ask how you heard about us select “24/7Moms” We’ll randomly select a winner and contact you with your code for a free subscription. Easy!

Join the ParentsDigest Family today.

It’s simple: We do the reading so you don’t have to.

REAL Mom TipsBy: Mary Herrington

Manage it:
-Time saver: large batches of meat cooked at one time and bagged for later use in freezer.
-Time waster: Facebook! Twitter! Email!

-Time saver: egg timer in the kid's rooms to time for getting ready
Time waster: getting up early and thinking you have more time! LOL

Join us back here at 6:00pm for more "Manage It" at the "Organize It" Party.

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