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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frosted Flakes Plant a Seed campaign

Some of my favorite childhood memories are those of the Saturdays my 6th grade friends and I would hang out at our local Little League field. Watching our guy friends play ball, eating snack bar junk food and, of course, chatting as girls do - probably about who the latest cute boy was. I also remember the hours I practiced and played on the many school baseball fields with my own girls' fast pitch team, not to mention the many soccer teams that converged each Saturday on the various soccer fields across town. Why do I remember these places so vividly now as a MOM?

Because, as a Mom, I now spend many hours driving from field to field, whether it be for soccer games and Little League games or the many practices my children have attended over the years. With 5 kids and 19 years on the mom journey so far, we have definitely spent our share of time on the sidelines and in the bleachers and experienced the ongoing need to maintain our well-used fields.

As communities face dramatic budget cuts, many fields go months - even years - without maintenance, let alone renovation or rebuilding. And, when fields fall into disrepair, we lose them as central gathering places in our communities - places where our children engage in team sports or meet up after school for a pick-up game. Places where we walk our dogs and chat with our neighbors, where adults gather for recreation leagues and families spend leisurely weekends.

Have your community fields begun to feel the effects of our country’s economic condition?

How can we, as parents, make a difference and ensure that our children will grow up with adequate playing fields in our communities?

Embracing this spirit of making a difference, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Earn Your Stripes program has initiated a call-to-action for a national field renovation program that kicks off this coming Super Bowl Sunday with a commercial entitled "Plant a Seed." The ad focuses on the role we all play in building stronger communities and making a difference in kids' lives. Because the Earn Your Stripes program is about inspiring kids to be their very best, "Plant a Seed" shows that before anyone can earn a single stripe, someone has to plant a seed and help give kids places to realize their promise and potential.

The field renovation initiative will make over approximately 50 fields across the United States to help provide better places for families to stay active. Through this program, fields will once again become central and vibrant places of activity and community in cities and towns across the country.

Playing sports can build values like determination, confidence, and friendships in our children and communities. I encourage you to nominate your local field at www.FrostedFlakes.com. Be sure to tune-in to watch the "Plant a Seed" commercial as Frosted Flakes launches its national call-to-action to millions this coming Super Bowl Sunday.

Be sure to let 24/7 MOMS know if your community field WINS your nomination

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