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Monday, January 19, 2009

"Plan It" at the "Organize It" Party

Today at the "Organize It" Party we will "Plan It" with more meal time organization. Let's begin with Holly Resnick one of Portland, Oregon's "It MOMS". Watch this quick video clip as Holly shares with us her Meal Time planning strategy. Be sure to get today's TWO party favors and enter our GIFT giveaway.

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When you "Plan It" you not only save money but time read what Aviva Goldfab of the six o'clock scramble has to say about this topic:


By Aviva Goldfarb, Founder the Six O'clock Scramble online meal planning service.

The Scramble emerged from my own experience as a busy parent, trying to get healthy and delicious meals on the table. I found the best way to keep my family fed while keeping my sanity intact was to plan meals in advance, make a grocery list, and shop just once a week, just like my mom used to do. By the end of the week, our ‘fridge is empty and it’s time to start the whole cycle again.

I have found that shopping with a plan reduces impulse buying and wasted food, encourages me to cook, and it may even save money on gas and cut pollution by reducing car trips.

Some people, like my friend Kathryn, like to grocery shop daily and see what ingredients inspire their dinners—if you’re one of them, read no further. But if you want to avoid going to the grocery store any more than necessary, try these tips:

Keep a shopping list attached to the refrigerator (I use a magnetic pad), and update it when you are running low on something—our brains are too full to rely on our memories at the store!
Buy enough milk, fruit, breakfast and lunch supplies and other essentials to last at least a week
Plan at least five dinners in advance (I’d love to help you with that part! Visit our website at http://www.thescramble.com .

All this organization may sound challenging, but I think it’s easier than dragging yourself and the kids to the store any more often than necessary, or trying to throw together dinner without a plan.

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The Six O’Clock Scramble® an online dinner planning service.

  • Five family-tested, healthy and delicious and quick DINNER RECIPES THAT TAKE 30 MINUTES OR LESS TO PREPARE
  • An ORGANIZED GROCERY LIST so you can grocery shop just once per week
  • A SEARCHABLE DATABASE where you can customize your weekly dinner plan
  • Your own personal RECIPE BOX where you can save your family's favorites 30 minute meals
  • A newsletter with USEFUL TIPS for easier mealtimes, snacks and lunches
  • NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for each recipe to help you take charge of your health
  • ELIMINATE THE STRESS OF FAMILY MEAL PLANNING. Each week you will receive recipes and simple instructions for balanced dinners complete with easy side dishes.
  • YOUR FAMILY WILL EAT MORE HEALTHY, FRESH AND SEASONAL FOODS. The Scramble emphasizes whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables, so your family will enjoy a variety of flavors and cuisines while still enjoying 30 minute meals.
  • QUICK, EASY MEALS WITHOUT PROCESSED FOODS OR EXPENSIVE TAKE-OUT. Other convenience meals cut prep time by relying on processed ingredients. Scramble recipes simplify cooking by using fewer than ten nutritious ingredients and easy-to-follow directions.
  • THE SCRAMBLE IS FAMILY TESTED. All recipes go through a careful process to be Scramble certified as healthy, delicious and family friendly dinners.
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEEKLY PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY’S TASTES AND NEEDS. Picky eaters? Vegetarian? Dietary restrictions? Need Kosher recipes? Swap out any meal with a selection from our large Scramble recipe database. The grocery list is automatically updated with your choices!
  • SHOP ONLY ONCE A WEEK. The grocery list is organized by store section. You’ll also waste less food and save money by buying only what you need.
  • THE SCRAMBLE CARES about family mealtime, healthy meals for children, supporting local farmers and the environment. We listen to our subscribers and give back to the communities we live in.
But don't just take our word for it! See what the PRESS and SUBSCRIBERS have to say! Or join the conversation on healthy, easy family meals at our SCRAMBLOG.

The Six O'clock Scramble
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We have one more FREEbie Party Favor for you from Living a Better Life http://www.betterbudgeting.com/menuplanner.htm. FREE printable Weekly menu planners and Grocery lists to help you "Plan It"

See you back here at 24/7 MOMS tomorrow for "Control It" .

If you have a MOM organization tip to share email it to us at trisha@247moms.com and we will share it with the 24/7 MOMS.

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