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Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Idea #4 - Red and Pink Make a Meal.

Red and Pink Make a Meal.......
By: Trisha Novotny

Create a festive Valentine's table to celebrate this day of love with your family.
On Valentine's Day decorate your table with a red or pink tablecloth decorated with Valentine themed items, candles, rose petal confetti, flowers, Valentine plates, and don’t forget the Valentine napkins.

Then, serve a special meal with several red and pink food items such as red jell-o, pink mashed potatoes, red pasta sauce, a heart shaped pizza, etc. For fun drinks try strawberry milk or Shirley Temples to drink. For breakfast try pink heart pancakes, pink grapefruit, fresh red strawberries, pink yogurt, pink smoothies, etc. And, of course, don’t forget a Valentine dessert like a heart shaped brownie, pink frosted cupcakes or yummy strawberry shortcake.

Another fun addition to your table can be placing simple gifts at each seat - Valentine chocolates or other fun treats.

Enjoy your Pink and Red celebration!

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