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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Idea #3 - "I Love You Because..."

I Love YOU Because..........
By: Trisha Novotny

Teaching my children to love, respect, honor and admire their siblings is one of those top mommy things I strive to do.

One way I encourage this in my children’s relationships with one another is that each year during the month of February I cut out big pink and red hearts from construction/craft paper. I then write on each heart with a marker “ I Love You Because ___________.” I cut out enough hearts for each child to write a note for each member of the family on. They are given these hearts a few days prior to Valentines day to fill out with their amazing kind words (hopefully), and then during our family Valentine's celebration we share these with one another.

I, as the Mom, love to hear what each child has written about their siblings, and at least for that moment I feel my children really do love, respect, honor and admire one another... until then next sibling squabble breaks out.

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