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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday Finds - August 19, 2008

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Here are this week's Thrifty Finds for you:

Stretching the Mighty Dollar:

A great way to stretch the mighty dollar is purchasing needed items that offer a money back rebate:

Hooray for Free-bates! http://www.freebates.blogspot.com/ is a GREAT place to find the latest rebates available on products we use.

You can sign-up to get daily updates sent right to your in-box at http://www.freebates.blogspot.com/

Some of the recent rebate tips I found at Hooray for Free-bates! are:

1. Arm & Hammer Essential Cleaners starter kit - FREE with rebate.

2. Office supplies at Office Depot and Staples.

Be sure to check out the daily posts for great rebate offers for moms at http://www.freebates.blogspot.com/

FREEbies :

Today I have a variety of FREEbie offers for you:

FREEbie sample of post it super sticky recycled notes http://www3.3m.com/qfrm/ShowSurvey?surveyid=JOFOCMH8

FREEbie Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper Double Roll http://instoresnow.walmart.com/enhancedrendercontent_ektid49548.aspx

FREEbie Bounce Dryer Sheets

ONLINE Bargain:

Blockbuster.com has a $10.00 off a $10.00 purchase coupon code going on right now at http://www.blockbuster.com. Use the promotion code: augappreciation

You do NOT need to be a member to use it.

Shopping Bargain:

Back to school supplies are on sale NOW. Here are some great shopping bargains at your local office supply stores: (Thanks to imommies - http://www.imommies.com/ )

Back To School Supplies 2008: Office Depot (Through 08/20/08)

School supply discounts from Office Depot this week, August 17 - August 20:
- Office Depot Acrylic Rulers, $0.10, Limit 5
- Office Depot Washable School Glue (4-oz.), $0.20, Limit 5
- Westcott 5″ Stainless Steel Scissors, $0.25, Limit 5
- Office Depot Value Wood Pencils (12-Pack), $0.50, Limit 5
- Paper-Mate Ballpoint Stick Pens (10-Pack), $0.50, Limit 5
- Wirebound Spiral Notebooks (6-Pack), $0.99, Limit 5
Free after Rebate from Office Depot through August 23:
- Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers (5-Pack), Free after $4.49 Mail-in Rebate

Back To School Supplies 2008: OfficeMax (Through 08/23/08)

School supply discounts from OfficeMax through Thursday, August 21:
- Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker, $0.01, Limit 3 with Coupon
- Sharpie Mini Highlighter, $0.01, Limit 3 with Coupon
School supply discounts from OfficeMax this week, August 17 - August 23:
- OfficeMax #2 Pencils (12-Pack), $0.10, Limit 2
- Spiral One-Subject Notebooks (70-page), $0.10, Limit 10
- Crayola Crayons (24-Count) , $0.20, Limit 2
- Poly Folder/Portfolio (2-Pocket) , $0.25, Limit 10
- BIC Round Stic Pens (12-Pack) , $0.25, Limit 2
- Elmer’s School Glue (4-oz.), $0.01, Limit 3

Back To School Supplies 2008: Staples (Through 08/23/08)

chool supply discounts from Staples this week, August 17 - August 23:
- Staples 8½” X 11″ Plastic Report Covers, $0.20, Limit 10

- 1″ and ½” Plastic Binders, $0.25, Limit 8
- Staples Translucent Pencil Boxes, $0.50, Limit 4
- Dixon #2 Yellow Pencils (8-Pack), FREE<>
Don’t forget send your IDEAS to trisha@247moms.com

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