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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chalkboard Verses

Each Sunday my children would arrive out of their Children's church service with a slip of paper that had their memory verse on it. Many times these papers would get stuffed into their bibles, left on the car floor or misplaced in some pile in our home, only causing us to go on a hunt to find the memory verse they needed to learn.  Not any longer I came up with a simple way to help my boys keep track of their memory verse and it also is a daily help to memorizing it.

 I purchased an inexpensive framed chalkboard that now sits on our kitchen counter in which we write the verse on that we are working on that week for our children to read, memorize and think about each day.

Another idea would be to use a hanging chalkboard or white board in a place your children can view it easily.

You can purchase a frame and chalkboard at local craft stores or online search for framed chalk boards.

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