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Monday, April 25, 2011

What To Do With All That Easter Candy

My home is now filled with empty plastic eggs, empty Easter baskets, half eaten bags of candy and sugar overloaded kids which only means there must be a few piles of candy around my house. So, now what will I do with all of this leftover candy?

Option #1 - Let my kids continue to overload on the sugar or Option #2 use a few of the creative ideas below:

Left over chocolate bunnies and eggs –
Melt them and create a yummy Fondu'
Melt them and create chocolate dipped strawberries.
Chop them up and use in your Chocolate chip cookie recipes.
Melt them over ice cream
Chop them up and add to a batch of brownies
Bake a batch of chocolate muffins
Shave the chocolate and use on top of other desserts and sundaes

Add into your cookie recipes
Add into your next batch of cupcakes
Add into brownies or Rice Krispie treats
Make a Brownie pizza
Add to your morning pancakes
Use in decorative jars for Spring

Make microwave S’mores
for more leftover Peeps recipes click here

Jelly Beans
Jelly Bean Guess - During your next party or event place a jar full of jelly beans out allowing everyone to guess how many are in the jar. Winner gets to keep the jar.

National Jelly Bean day - April 22nd is National Jelly Bean day celebrate it.

Bingo Fun - Use jelly beans as bingo markers.

Trail Mix add in - Put some jelly beans in your trail mix. The added sugar will give you a boost or sugar high. Mix one part each of peanuts, pretzels, and jelly beans and any other yummy items you like in your trail mix.

Math Beans- Have your children create graphs with jelly beans sorting them by colors.

Creative Cupcakes - Use jelly beans to decorate cupcakes. With the variety of colors the decorating ideas are endless. Easy addition to making your cupcakes FUN.

Holiday Fun - Save your jelly beans in a zip lock bag to use on your Christmas Gingerbread houses.

Recipes - Create a Yummy dessert with Jelly Beans. Click here for recipes.

What are you doing with your left over Easter candy this year?

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Blogger smiling_mama said...

These are some great ideas. I think I'll put my jelly beans in a jar and at my next party let someone guess how many are in it! I love that!

April 25, 2011 at 8:46 PM  
Blogger singaporeflowershop said...

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