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Monday, April 25, 2011

4 Easy To Make Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Looking for a fun simple gift to appreciate your Children's Teachers with?  we found 4 simple ones we think every Teacher would be delighted to receive.

Teacher Goody Box

Create this simple and useful Teacher Goody box filled with office supplies and treats.
Click here for complete how to instructions from eighteen 25.

Teacher Note Cubes

How Does She created these fun #1 Teacher note cubes of paper to appreciate your teachers with.  Click here for complete instructions.

Summer Countdown

Not only are our children counting down till the last day of school I imagine many teachers are as well and looking forward to a few lazy summer days.  Why not help then with the countdown with one of these simple to create adorable countdown clipboards we found over at eighteen 25Click here for complete how to instructions.

my teacher is AW-esome
  Who doesn't love a bottle of A&W rootbeer.  What a fun way to tell your child's Teacher how AW-esome they are. 
 Click here for complete how to instructions from eighteen 25.

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