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Thursday, November 24, 2011

7 Leftover Tureky Recipes

1. Next Day Turkey Soup - Use leftover turkey to simmer up a healthy easy-to-make pasta soup using Progresso® Chicken Broth, sweet potatoes and green beans.  Click here for Betty Crockers recipe and how to video.

2. Turkey and Corn Enchiladas - Real Simple has a simple recipe to create this Mexican flavored dish that uses only 2 cups of leftover Turkey.  Click here to get recipe.

3.  Turkey Chili - In 30 minutes you can create this Turkey chili recipe from the Food NetworkClick here for recipe.

4. Turkey Cranberry Croissant Sandwich -
Turkey sandwich are high of the popular leftover Thanksgiving food menu with this recipe from Eat Turkey you can create a delicious turkey cranberry sauce sandwich.  Click here for complete recipe

5.  Turkey Pot Pie - Prepare and serve  McCormicks quick and Tasty Turkey pot pie as your day after Thanksgiving meal using up 3 cups of leftover turkey.  Click here for recipe.

6. BBQ Turkey Sandwich - Simple and quick  to make with 1lb shredded leftover turkey, 1 cup BBQ sauce,  kaiser rolls. combine BBQ sauce and turkey in skillet over medium heat until desired temperature. Spoon onto rolls

7. Turkey Salad -  Use leftover turkey to make The Perfect Pantry's Turkey salad recipe.  Click here for recipe.

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