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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

APP Of The Week - JELL-O Jiggle-It

By Kraft New Services, Inc.

Sure, you’ve seen JELL-O jiggle. But, you’ve never seen it bump and grind like this. With the new Jiggle-It app, you can watch a cube of JELL-O dance to the beat of your favorite song. Choose any track from your iTunes library or play music straight from your speakers, and the JELL-O cube will jiggle like there’s no tomorrow. Whether he’s stirring it up or serving it out, one thing’s for sure—this cube’s no square.

The app pioneers new BPM (beats per minute) technology to determine the energy of any track and help the cube break it down, matching the beat of your song. You can also swipe your finger to activate special moves—leaving every user asking, “Can your dessert do this?”


- Music visualizer
- Multiple-cube selection
- Song selection from iTunes or mic mode
- Passive or active dance experience
- 30+ dance moves
- Share functionality

Download the Jiggle-It app for free here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jell-o-jiggle-it/id465412189?mt=8

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