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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mid-Night Kickball

Do you remember late Summer nights as a kid when you would play outside into the dark of night?  I am a Cali girl who grew up playing endless hours of hide-n-seek, kickball, 4 square and any other game we could come up with to stay outdoors late into the night.

Happy Home fairy brought back these great memories with her idea of arranging a surprise  game of Mid-night kickball with your kids.  What a fun idea to arrange a family mid-night kickball game with other families and create memories with your kids they will never forget. I knew there was a reason I bought a new red kick ball this Summer.

You could also included late night Mc Donald's run or have pizza delivered to the Kickball game.

Add this to your summer bucket list of fun idea to check off doing this summer with your kids.

Need to know the rules of Kickball - click here.



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