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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tips for a Frugal Summer Vacation

The warm summer months are the perfect time to get out of the house and stretch your legs. No one wants to waste their summer vacation. Unfortunately, if you’re on a budget, it may seem like most summer activities are just out of your price range. Luckily, with a little creativity, your summer doesn’t have to be expensive. There are tons of affordable summer activities for frugal families and couples to enjoy on their summer vacation.
Eight Tips for a Frugal Summer Vacation:
1. Go fishing:

While fishing does require an initial investment, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed time and time again. Once you’ve bought your poles, lures, and fishing license, you’ll be set for the rest of the summer. Fishing with loved ones is a great way to unwind, bond, and even compete with one another.
2. Check out local trails:

Most towns have a few good parks. Spend some time hiking and exploring the land around you. While exploring the trails, take the time to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy the greenery and wildlife that you don’t get to see on a regular basis.
3. Visit the local museum:

Most museums have at least one day a week that it’s free to get in. Some aquariums and science centers also have discount days or days that they let kids in for free. See what’s available in your area and make sure to take advantage of any discounts.
4. Go to an art festival or gallery:

Art festivals are fun for both kids and adults. Festivals are free to visit and offer great food, art, and entertainment. If you need a night out from the kids, take your other half to a gallery opening. For a small entry fee most gallery openings will provide appetizers and drinks, as well as some interesting conversation starters.
5. Create your own book club:

Create a list of books that each of your loved ones would enjoy. Get together and read passages, discuss your favorite parts, and really make the most of your new club.
6. Pick your own produce:

A lot of farms let customers pick their own strawberries and other produce. Not only is this produce organic and reasonably priced, but you’ll be supporting your local farmers.
7. Host a barbecue:

If you have a grill, pick up some hot dogs and hamburgers and host a barbecue. To save money, ask all of your guests to bring a dish. There’s nothing better than enjoying some barbecue with friends and loved ones on a warm summer night.
8. Have a craft day:

Get together with your friends and/or family and brainstorm craft ideas. Make something fun like homemade playdough, picture frames, or magnets. Grab some snacks and enjoy a fun craft day.
Summer activities don’t have to be expensive. To keep your summer packed with fun activities, make a list of entertainment venues in your area. See if your local movie theatres, driving ranges, museums, restaurants, and bowling alleys offer discounts on certain days of the week. A frugal summer definitely doesn’t have to mean a boring summer. It simply means that you’ll have to use a bit of creativity to make it special.
Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for three years; she used a free website builder to create a blog for her sister so that her sister can share her fun family summer activities with her friends.  She also loves finding great deals on designer eyewear so that she can stay stylish through the summer.

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Anonymous Farbod said...

I agree...nothing beats grilling some burgers and hanging out with friends in the summertime.

July 7, 2011 at 5:07 PM  

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