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Friday, June 3, 2011

Father's Day THEMED Gift Ideas!

By Leslie Pleasants
Buying for you husband for Fathers Day can be difficult.  If you ask them what they want they(mine) usually will come back with..  "new motorcycle, kindle, newest game system, oh... how about that 3D tv".  Yeah right!  Why can't they ask for kitchen towels, candles, chocolates... you know... the easy stuff like we ask for.  :)  So I give up asking him anymore.  Always ends up me just shrugging my shoulders asking myself why did I even bother.  Most of the time he doesn't know what he wants anyways.  :) 

So why not fill a bucket... YES a bucket filled with goodies for him!!  You can never have enough buckets.  You can even buy a metal bucket to be reused for a beverage holder on your patio when you have guests over or how about one of the collapsible trash cans that they can reuse for camping or at the beach!  Depending on the theme there are so many options that you can use to fill your gifts in. 

Here are some THEMED ideas for you to use!

tee's,  golf balls(monogrammed or none), gloves, gift certificate to his favorite place, cigars, golf ball chocolates, caddy shack DVD, golf hand held game, book, clothing

(use a collapsible seat/backpack and fill)
bait, gummy worms, fishing accessories, fishing book, fisherman's hat, swedish fish, fishing hand held game, sun glasses

utensils(tongs, brushes, spatula), sauces, cookbooks, pot holder, apron, cedar chips or plank, seasonings, cigars

car wash soap, squeegy, tire cleaner, sponge, micro towel, window wipes, air freshener, inside cleaner, gift certificate to get car detailed

jersey or tee shirt, beer, peanuts, hot sauce, tickets to game, license plate frame, team beach towel, cap, team apron, team flag

MAN CAVE (garage)
radio, heater, fan, mini fridge(probably wont fit in bucket), garage floor cleaner, tools, work gloves, shop rags, orange hand cleaner, cigars, sports sign, garage make-over book, flashlight

(use a wire mesh garbage can)
frame w/ picture in it, pencil/pen holder, tie, dress shirt, candy dish w/ candy, business card holder, coffee mug, favorite beverage(none alcoholic), cologne

(use a large popcorn container.. can get a the Dollar Tree or Target)
popcorn, favorite candy, soda, movies, blanket, popcorn bags
(use a pop-up garbage can)
lantern, bbq utensils, tent, kite, camping book, flashlight, hot dog sticks, travel game, battery/solar operated lights, citronella candle, shovel

kite, beach towel, munchies, binoculars, shells book, camera, best beaches book, shovel, hat, swimming trunks, sun glasses

gloves, motorcycle cleaner, cover, books, magazines, key chain, tee shirt, hat, beer, cigars, motorcycle glasses, gift certificate to favorite motorcycle shop
wood building project books, unique wood, tools(shavers, sander, router, etc), stains, nails, screws, band aids, safety glasses, gloves

hiking boots, snacks, GPS, maps, hiking books, geocaching maps, backpack, water bottle, small stool, binoculars
(use gym bag)
gym membership, water bottle, small towel, workout clothes, calorie counter watch, weights, work out dvd or for the Wii

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