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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Out Of The Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

This past week my youngest Nate-no has been announcing to me he is really tired of taking the same thing in his lunch day after day but when I asked him what would he like me to pack in his lunch he had no real ideas for me. So, I went hunting and searching for some new ideas and here is what I came up with:

1. Bagels - Cut open a bagel and spread each side with cream cheese. Place several slices of lunch meat on top of cream cheese.

2. Tortillas - Spread peanut butter on a flour tortilla with jelly or fruit spread and roll up "wrap" or "jellyroll" style. Slice crosswise into pieces. You can select the size tortilla depending on your child's appetite.

3. Mom Made Lunchables - Create your own "Lunchables" Cut lunch meat and cheese into and pieces that will fit on crackers. Pack the meat, cheese, and crackers together. You can even ad din a little piece of candy or other treat like they do in store bought lunchables.

4. No more Jelly - Some other ideas for peanut butter sandwiches are: sliced bananas, honey, butter/margerine, raisins, or thinly sliced apples.

5. Dipping Time - Kids love to dip so try packing string cheese or cheese cubes, bread sticks or crackers to eat with them and a prepared cheese spread for dipping. Or veggies and ranch dressing for dipping

6. In the Thermos – Soups, chili, taco meat, rice , mashed potatoes and even cooked chicken wings can all be placed in a thermos

7. Leftovers - use leftovers, chili, soup, stew, chowder, macaroni and cheese, macaroni salad, potato salad, stir-fry, or fried rice.

8. Finger Food - Kids love finger foods -- Try creating an entire lunch of finger Serve with a toothpicks if your kids don't want to use his hands.
Cubed rotisserie chicken

Cubed summer sausage

Cubed cheddar cheese

Cubed cantaloupe
Cubed brownie bites

9. Breakfast Time - Pack a bowl of dry cereal in a lidded container and send a thermos of milk or have your child purchase mil at school. Include in the lunch a banana, yogurt and other breakfast type foods

What do you pack in your child's Lunches?

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