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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 Easy Steps For A Perfect Buffet Dinner

By: Leslie Pleasants
24/7 MOMS Home Keeping Editor

Organize, organize, organize is the key to any successful event that can actual be stress free! Here are some tips for you to have that perfect dinner party for the holidays!

1) Labeling Your Serving Dishes: Write out everything that you are having for the dinner. I like to use little sticky note pads. Then pull out all your bowls, platters, etc.. Start deciding where all the food will be going in... mashed potatoes are going in this bowl. Then mark it with the sticky note. Also don't forget to get all your serving utensils that you will need and place them with the appropriate dish. Great idea is to even lay it all out where they are going to be to see how it all looks... if they fit. Make sure to leave some space for people to place their plate on the table to make it easier for them to dish their food.

2) Identification Cards: You might know what the food is but not everyone might know. A good way and looks great too is to label each of your foods. You can purchase place cards that you can use to label your food at the Dollar Tree... or make your own.

3) Different Heights: Creating different heights for your buffet not only makes it look professional but it is also easier for those farther away items to be reached with out dipping a sleeve in another dish. You can use cake stands or even an upside down bowl. Just make sure its all secure. If have to use a small piece of non slip material underneath.

4) Decorations: To create your buffet table to all flow together make sure your serving dishes and decorations go together. You could add something as simple as a few flowers or candles. Also good idea is to use a darker color table cloth on your buffet table to hide those little spills.

5) Flow: Make sure there is a beginning and end to your buffet table. You want a good flow so they can get their food fast and sit down. Is there enough space around your buffet table for people to get in and out? Keep condiments on their tables(butter, salt & pepper)... if its on the buffet table it will slow people down.

6) Don't Mix: Keep your drinks on a separate table... separate location. You want to be able to focus on the food and getting it there still hot. You don't need people in the way trying to get their beverages. Keep a separate table with a bucket of ice. Even move the coffee pot to this table. That way your guest don't have to ask you for anything... they can get all their beverages in one location

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