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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY MOMS- Surprise Ball of Yarn!

This week create a FUN Birthday favor with the DIY MOMS Surprise ball of yarn.

Surprise Ball of Yarn!

from: The Young Miller's Blog

Have you ever heard of a Wonderball? A Wonderball is a Victorian gifting tradition of trinkets and charms. For this project, I tweaked it a bit and made it a "Surprise Ball of Yarn" to go with my surprise party theme for my daughter. Basically the idea is to hide small charms in the yarn and as the child unwinds the yarn, the charms fall out.
I decided that I wanted the charms/trinkets to be useful, so I created a bookmark for each guest. I took a piece of ribbon and added a ribbon clamp to each end. Then I created each charm separately.
After I had all my pieces of the bookmark, I started the yarn ball by wrapping it around the ribbon which I had folded up tightly. I continued to wrap the yarn until it was hidden and then placed another charm on the ball, and wrapped... another charm.. wrap. As the quest unwinds the yarn, the charms will fall out. Once they have all the pieces they can clip all the charms onto the ribbon to create the bookmark.
I just love this! I did add directions with the ball, and also other uses for all the yarn they are going to have left over.

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