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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

APP Of The Week: Lightsaber Unleashed

Ever wished you could swing your iPhone around like a lightsaber? Well now you can, with Lightsaber Unleashed!

One of the App Stores most popular apps, PhoneSaber, returns in a new and improved form - Lightsaber Unleashed.

As you swing your phone, a range of Lightsaberâ„¢ sound effects will be emitted from your phone's speaker (or connected audio output). Not only that, but you can also draw and withdraw your Lightsaber.

You can also choose your Force Unleashed character of choice, as well as playing some duelling music to get you in the mood!

Last but not least, you can enter a full screen Lightsaber mode, to enhance your lightsaber experience!

1st gen iPod Touch Users Note: Most of the fun from this app comes from the external speaker, but feel free to download and use with any audio output anyway.

Click Here to download your FREE Lightsaber Unleashed APP today.

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