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Thursday, October 29, 2009

WIN: “Here’s Lily” Book

By Nancy Rue - zonderkidz

Hello, this is Emma again. This time I am going to tell you about the Lily Series of books by Nancy Rue. The Lily series is not really a series that you have to go in order with. You can pick what you want to read about. The one I read was “Here’s Lily” about beauty. It’s about a girl who gets a compliment about her looks and instantly wants to be a model. Then one night before the fashion show something unexpected happens and she learns about real beauty. Also, for each book there is a side book that talks more about each topic. For “Here’s Lily” it is called “The Beauty Book.” I Love the Lily Series and already asked my mom to get more!

In this fun and savvy book by noted youth author Nancy Rue, irrepressible Lily is mesmerized by a compliment about her looks and throws herself into pursuing modeling. The boys start to tease her and her friends, so Lily forms the GIRLZ ONLY CLUB. The girls support each other and prepare for a big "model search" fashion show. But when she burns her face the night before the show, Lily learns that beauty isn't about hair, makeup, and self-confidence as much as it is about health, character, and "God-confidence."

24/7 MOMS and Zonderkiz are giving away Book #1 “Here’s Lily” .

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Aww, sounds like the book has a great lesson to learn.

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Looks like a really cute series! My 8 year old would love it.

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I'm a subscriber! Thanks Emma - I'm going to put this review in my bookmarks for books to get - I have quite a few in there though!

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October 29, 2009 at 9:51 PM  
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