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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday Shopping Made Easy and More Affordable

(And you’re helping your “gifting groups” and favorite charities too!)

Amy Hannold, of FamilyTimeandMoney.com

Two Websites Which Offer Convenience When Purchasing Group Gifts:

Families across miles, offices with several employees, or baby shower guests can work together online to choose and contribute to a group gift (for one recipient). This alleviates the task of collecting the cash to another busy person. Group gift contributions do make some sense, when you know your budgeted amount for a gift will go towards a need or wish of someone special.

Edivvy.com; “Spend Less, Give More”:


Family/Gift Group members can register at Edivvy.com to contribute to the gift event. Edivvy.com is affiliated with several online retailers. Edivvy.com walks you through the process of choosing a gift, determining your gift group members, and creating an invitation to your members asking for their contribution. There are options such as privatizing individual contributions, allowing participants to invite others, etc.

For the convenience of working out a group gift on line, Edivvy.com charges fifty-cents per member contribution and four-percent of the gift’s retail price. Should the contributions fall short or exceed the gift price, gift cards are available and will be given to the recipient following the gift deadline.

Lolligift.com; “Gift Together”:


Beta-Version of Lolligift.com is a “Gift Pool” service which helps gift givers give what they can towards a gift of someone’s choosing. They offer gift-giving advice and you can share these recommendations within your “Gift Pool” members. E-notices can be sent to the recipient that a gift is in the works and an E-Card at the conclusion of the collection is sent to the recipient with the well wishes of each member.

Your group is sent invitations to contribute, which can be done through credit cards or PayPal. As the organizer, you are sent the funds contributed in the form of a check or to your PayPal account (3% pay pal fee) to shop where and how you choose. During the beta-period of Lolligift.com, service charges are waived.

Save Money, Support Your Local Charities:



CommonKindess.com, a new online startup website, appears to be a “win-win” situation for shoppers and charities. Once you’re registered, you can choose the local charity you would like to support – or add a charity that is not currently listed. Commonkindess.com will give your choice organization a percentage of revenue from your use of coupon or discounts they offer. While you’re saving money, you’re donating to a cause of your choice. One attractive opportunity at CommonKindess.com is fundraising for schools. Anyone, anywhere, can choose your child’s school as their beneficiary – adding to the funds you could raise.

Online shopping, printable grocery coupons, magazines, entertainment tickets, and local coupons are among the money saving offers found on Commonkindess.com. When you find a good deal online at CommonKindness.com, you will also be helping your community.



Blogger Paula said...

Group Gifting is here to stay (yahoo!) and yes, there are a plethora of sites that offer similar services, so please don't forget the little guys! from: Everyone (www.fromeveryone.com) makes the arduous task of organizing a group gift effortless. Organize, invite, collect, send - it really is that simple. And we don't hide anything - you pay a meager 10% service fee for making your life easy. So for a $10 contribution, we tag on a buck for our troubles (including packaging and shipping)- trust me, busy moms know it's a dollar well spent! Thanks, Paula Cho, Co-Founder

November 9, 2009 at 7:05 AM  

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