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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Braces Teens Love - Invisalign Teen

Is there such a thing?  Braces  Teens love.  Sure they often hope and dream to wear those shiny silver railroad tracks across their teeth until they realize the long journey ahead of straightening their teeth to perfection - Hours upon hours in a dental chair, spacers placed or more like jammed in-between their teeth, brackets tightened around their molars, wires cutting into their tongues, gums and inside cheeks, rubber bands that snap across the room right out of their mouths - can you tell I have personal experience - three kids four sets of braces paid for.  Did I mention I am about to enter the brace wearing world phase once again  with our two youngest boys who have been ordered to visit our local Orthodontist.  I'm beginning to wonder if I have been supporting my local orthodontist vacation habit? or if I have put his own children through college by what might appear to be a braces addiction in our family.

From my personal experience braces are not something anyone of any age enjoys - we tolerate them with the promise of a beautiful smile. So could there possibly be a solution to the metal brackets and wires?

The answer is yes.  I discovered Invisalign Teen®  and I am about to share with you smile changing news - that your kids will say "Thank you mom" over and over again.

Invisalign Teen® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. With a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth, Invisalign Teen is comfortable, affordable and effective. And without brackets and wires, you'll have the confidence of a great smile even during treatment. Each aligner also comes with a small, inconspicuous Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which helps you know if you're ready for your next set of aligners.

The benefits of  Invisalign Teen® removable aligners—are that your teen can continue brushing and flossing the way they normally do. And without traditional braces, it's easier to maintain better oral hygiene. Plus,  Invisalign Teen® knows  that things can happen, like when your teen  accidentally loses an aligner. That's why you  get up to six free replacement aligners.*

Are you already saying " Sign my teen up - where do we find a local Orthodontist?

That's why once you decide that Invisalign Teen® is the right choice, then it's time to choose the right doctor.  Invisalign Teen® makes it quick and easy to locate a dentist or orthodontist in your area. Just Click here and go to the Invisalign Teen® website type in your zip code in the find a doctor box and  Invisalign Teen® will provide a list of trusted doctors nearby, complete with contact information and experience level. Then you all you need to do is schedule a consultation.

Maybe your saying I'm still not convinced then let me suggest you click here and take the 5 steps to straighth teeth to see if  Invisalign Teen® is a good fit your teen or tween.

Lastly I want to say I am overly excited about discovering  Invisalign Teen® for our son who we often refer to as our puzzle child with his many delays we have feared the brace journey until now and the discovery of Invisalign Teen and their series of clear aligners that will gradually straighten his teeth and our journey less stressful yet successful at the same time.

Click here to learn more about Invisalign Teen®

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for  Bloggy Boot Camp on behalf of  Invisalign and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

*With Invisalign Teen only.



Blogger Premier Dental Associate said...

Invisalign is a great option for any aged individual who needs to have their teeth straightened. It is fabulous for the already self-conscious individual or for the individual who is older and does not want to be distracting with normal braces. Where normal braces stay on for a few years at a time, Invisalign can be removed so that you can eat and do regular dental care. It is a practically invisible orthodontic option that uses various plates fit to your mouth to help your teeth move in the way that they should to get the desired results. Several plates will be used during the treatment. It is a great option, but if you decide to use this option, you will still need to find an orthodontist whom you can trust to use this product in the best way for your mouth.

Invisalign NYC

November 30, 2011 at 10:11 PM  

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