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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

APP Of The Week - The Moogies Game For Kids

The Moogies is a game designed specifically for kids 2-8 years old and provides a new and unique way for parents and kids to interact with their iPhone and iPad. The game employs incomparable production values - players choose an animal and interact with it by touching the screen. Depending on where you touch, different animations play. Furthermore, children LOVE this game based on early reviews. And unlike some other mobile games for kids, there are no in-app purchases, which means no surprise phone bills.

Children can play with nine different Moogie, the lovable animal denizens of Moogie Island. They’ll love to “call” the Moogies and listen to their different animal voices; The Moogies actually react to the sound of a human voice. The Moogie characters were designed with the help of parents, child psychiatrists, artists, and even kids themselves.   Click here to get the Moogies Game for kids



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