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Monday, August 15, 2011

Fairy Arrives For Back To School

My boys invented the Birthday fairy who flies into our house every Birthday eve leaving behind a gift in my children's bedroom that they wake-up to open on their Birthday morning - this tradition has become a highlight of my children. So, I have been thinking that our  fairy should arrive on Back To School eve and begin a new tradition of fairy visits?  Maybe even leave a new fun school supply or lunch box.

The plan is to have a small yet useful and even needed gift wrapped in a lunch bag delivered to my children's rooms while they are fast asleep on Back To School eve - and when they wake what a fun surprise it will be to begin their first day of school morning off.

I decided to Google this idea and thanks to Google I found that my friend over at Happy Home Fairy had this very same idea last year and even created a fun Back To School Fairy note that we can print off for free. Click here to get your free printable.

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