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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Tips To Finding Coupons

By: Amy Hannold
247Moms Frugal Living Editor
Where Can I Find Coupons?
Technology has increased the availability and convenience of coupons.  Where once we were limited to coupons distributed in weekend papers and store circulars, there are now many places to find coupons.
Here are some of the newest sources of coupons:
Catalina Marketing Corporation offers you printable grocery coupons and notifications of available “Catalina YourBucks” offers which reward you following your purchase of participating items. 
Choose from a wide variety of “clipless” coupons and add them to a participating retailer’s loyalty card.  When you purchase the correct items that correspond to the coupon, your savings will be added to your online SavingStar.com account.  A printable or “email to you” list of your coupons is available.  When your savings total $5, you can select the way you wish to redeem (PayPal, direct deposit, or other choices).  On the go, you can use SavingStar’s iPhone or Android apps. 
Companies are using Facebook to market their product and to offer savings to their customers.  Free samples, instant-win games, and printable coupons are plentiful – so search for your favorite retailers and products.  Once you’re “liking” them on Facebook, you’ll be aware of unadvertised deals as well. 
Like Facebook, Twitter is a deal-seeker’s delight.  Search, follow and tweet your favorite companies.  Money-saving  alerts can also be found when you follow bloggers and websites which find the good deals for you. 
Telephone or Postal Mail:
When you’re not finding coupons on particular products, it’s a great way to save on what you will use.  I make it a goal of contacting two companies a week.  Agree to join a list of theirs and your mailboxes will surprise you once in a while with unexpected goodies. 
Websites and Blogs: 
Directly contacting and/or complimenting a company online is a great way to find some savings.  Look for “Tell a Friend” or referral programs which reward not only your loyalty but also your sharing them with others. 
Foursquare.com and “Facebook Places”
When you’re out and about, you may be able to find coupons or discounts, just by “Checking In” to your current location (stores, dining, etc.) using Foursquare or Facebook Places.
Cellfire searches for deals available to you by your zip code.  Loyalty card offers or coupons viewed on your smartphone will be listed and are easy to apply.  Cellfire is also a shopping and savings app for smartphones.
Groceries aren’t the only savings you’ll find on Coupons.com.  Printable coupons for all sorts of shopping are available, as are “Savings Card” offers which you can load onto store loyalty cards. 
AllYou, the magazine, is well worth the price (found only at WalMart stores or by subscription).  Online at AllYou.com, printable grocery coupons are available, as are coupon code for shopping, freebies, etc. 
Printable coupons are offered each month and can be printed twice per computer.  If you’re a Swagbucks.com user, first go to Swagbucks.com, then select coupons from there to receive Swagbucks for the coupons you print and redeem.  MyPoints.com also rewards you for accessing grocery coupons when you start at their site.
Apps for Your Smartphone:
When you’re in the store, or as you plan your shopping trip, here are a few apps to consider:
Pushpins (iPhone):  This free app scans what you’re about to buy and informs you of loadable loyalty card discounts. 
GroceryIQ:  Powered by Coupons.com, this app offers you many “list solutions” for your shopping convenience.   Coupons are also available.  An online, “at-home” version is also available. 
Store-Specific Apps:  To keep you loyal to them, many stores are developing their own apps.  Look for your favorites, before you shop.  Adding store-specific apps can also help you to reign-in your spending, when you’re not receiving multiple deals from a variety of stores.

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