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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Minute 4th of July Sparkle Marshmallows

Sparkle Marshmallows On A Stick To Celebrate the 4th of July

from : Trisha Novotny


1 bag marshmallows

1 bottle red colored sugar sprinkles

1 bottle blue colored sugar sprinkles

1 bowl of water

wax paper

sucker sticks (optional)


Pour colored sugar into two bowls (one red, one blue)

Dip one end of marshmallow in to the water about 1/4 inch of more if desired

Dip wet end of marshmallow into one bowl of colored sugar rolling to cover edges

repeat on opposite end of marshmallow with other color of sugar.

Place on wax paper to dry

If using sucker sticks place into the bottom of one end.

OPTION: You can also dip these first in melted white chocolate then dip in the colored sugars for extra sweetness.

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