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Friday, July 8, 2011

GoGo News - Just For Kids

Recently my friend's third grader asked her why Japan got hit by an earthquake and how many people were killed. Like myself and many parents I know, these questions often come as a shock. Instead of a thoughtful answer, our response it often an incredulous, "who told you about the earthquake in Japan?!"

For those hard to explain questions, my friend points her children to GoGo News, a site is designed to make parents' lives simpler by addressing these questions in ways children can understand. It's not only important that children are aware of current events, but they need somewhere to satisfy their curiosity without being exposed to graphic, gory images and information.

The founder, Golnar Khosrowshahi, started GoGo News for her twins in 2006 when she wrote every article daily- on top of her day job as president of a music publishing company. Today GoGo News is contributed to by a team of educators and psychologists and used in classrooms across North America and contains videos, fun news, games and surveys. We suggest using GoGo News as a tool to keep up your child's reading comprehension this summer in a fun, educational way!



Anonymous Natalie said...

I had these issues to when my toddler was asking about the Casey Anderson trial!! How do they know? I guess GoGo probably won't be covering that but still- great resource!

July 8, 2011 at 10:24 AM  

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