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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MORE Kid Valentine Crafts

Heart-shaped paper clips
from: How About Orange

A piece-of-cake Valentine project: bend regular paper clips into little heart shapes. These are jumbo clips she got in a multi-color pack at Target for about $1.50.

You could use them to leave love notes around. Or mark pages you like in magazines. Or hold tiny treat bags of candy shut. Or send a subtle message to the boss you have a crush on. Endless possibilities.

Egg-cellent Heart Art

from: A Little Nut http://bit.ly/ggcO5C

It’s an easy-to-make project that shows kids that trash can really turn into a treasured art piece.

What you’ll need: 1 cardboard egg carton, red paint, paint brushes, red poster board, scissors, glue and a frame

How to make it: Cut the egg holders out of the carton.Then, trim three-quarters off the top of each holder and paint them red. Once they’re dry, glue them with the open sides down into a heart shape on the poster board. Place the craft inside a simple frame and hang on your kid’s wall.

Why your kids will love it: The kids will enjoy using real paint instead of the runny water colors they normally use.



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