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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Family Love Challenge: 14 days of Moving Towards Love

by Jeanie Cullip
24/7 Moms Inspiration Editor

The family love challenge is a 14 day challenge for families to move towards love. Whether your family is hanging on for dear life or going full speed straight ahead, The Family Love Challenge is an adventure you can take as you count down the days till Valentine's Day in your home.

Day 1: If you do not have anything to say do not say anything at all
Today and the rest of this month challenge each other to say nothing negative to one another.

Day 2: Actions Speak Louder than Words
Do something special for someone today!

Day3: No Double Standards
Be considerate to your family members as you are to strangers, co-workers and classmates. Using words such as please, thank you and excuse me.

Day 4: Things I Love About You
In a notebook create a page for each family member; have each member write something about that person. Then read them aloud for all to hear!

Day 5: Be each other’s Cheerleader
Become your family member’s biggest fan!

Day 6: With Hugs & Kisses
Make an extra effort at welcoming each member home and send each member going away with hugs & kisses.

Day 7: A family that prays together stays together.
If you do not already, start making it a daily occurrence to have the entire family come together hand in hand to pray.

Day 8: May I Help you?
Offer others in your home your assistance.

Day 9: What?
Do you often hear the word what in your household. Let's take time to intentionally listen to one another today and see if we can hear that word a little less.

Day 10: No, you first Arguing who gets to go first?
Today allow the other person to go first. Take turns allowing the other person to do something before you for a change.

Day 11: Fight Fair
Confrontation happens, make it an effort today to learn how to effectively deal with conflict and learning to resolve issues quickly.

Day 12: Make it a date night!
Call a babysitter or put the kids to bed early one night and have some one on one time. Mom and Dad you need each other to be healthy and happy to lead the way to a more loving home

Day 13: Family Fun
Do something as a family that everyone can participate in. Have fun with one another, make sure before you are though that you plan to do it again sometime soon.

Day 14: Family Devotions & Bible Reading
Commit to completing a bible study as a family. Make it a habit to read the bible everyday as a family or individually. Creating this habit with your children will last a lifetime and change generations to come!

These individual tasks can be completed in any order from February 1st to the 14th. Just place them on your calendar that works best for you and your family.

Jeanie Cullip is a happily married, stay-at-home mommy of 3 children of her own and 2 step-children. Finding joy, love & hope right in her own back yard and sharing it with her neighbors near and far. In love with Jesus, loves to giggle & loves to drink coffee. She is a freelance writer residing in Gig Harbor. You may e-mail her at jeaniecullip@yahoo.com



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