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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIN - Let's Grow: Safety First DVD

Buckle up for safety in the newest title in the Let’s Grow series – Let’s Grow: Safety First available on DVD June 29, 2010 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. Hosted by Sprout’s talent, and featuring episodes from preschool favorites, Barney™, Thomas & Friends™, Bob the Builder™, Fireman Sam™ and Kipper™, these heartwarming stories will teach, inform, and entertain, while demonstrating valuable life lessons and important safety tips along the way.

Co-branded by HIT Entertainment and Sprout®, each DVD in the Let’s Grow series is uniquely themed and focuses on areas preschoolers encounter everyday – safety, cleaning up, manners, friendship, cooperation and more. The series was created with input BY moms, FOR moms, to help preschoolers grow and learn alongside their favorite friends! Episodes are woven together by live-action segments featuring hosts from Sprout’s original The Sunny Side Up Show™, along with their puppet friend, Chica the Chicken. The hosts and Chica introduce each story, demonstrate easy-to-make crafts tied to the program’s theme and encourage young viewers to practice what they’ve learned. Each Let’s Grow DVD will include a Parent Resource Guide filled with tips and discussion starters.

Through positive messages, captivating stories, imaginative fun, and familiar faces, Let’s Grow taps into HIT Entertainment’s library of quality programs to help parents help their young ones navigate their world.

24/7 MOMS and Lionsgate & HIT Entertainment are giving away a copy of Let's Grow: Safety First DVD.

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*We received a complimentary DVD of Let's Grow: Safety First for review no financial compensation was received.



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