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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counting Down Till We Are Back To School

from: Trisha Novotny

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ABC Count Down Count down the days till school by celebrating a letter of the day activity. Such as A = Apples so make a apple recipe or B= Bowling so take the kids bowling the daily ideas can be simple or extravagant you can also do double things such as C = Cookies and Cribbage.

Check out Valerie White our Celebration junkie from Gig Harbor Scrapper blog's ABC Countdown she blogs about it daily

12 Days Of Back To School fun - Countdown the last 12 days of Summer with a fun activity countdown. Ask your kids what things they still would like to do prior to going back to school. Them create a schedule to do one of them each day and use them to do a 12 days of Back To School count down.

( I found a table top pocket chart at Target in the dollar spot section , then used envelopes I found at the Dollar Tree in their School supply section as well as crayon cut outs from Target dollar spot to write the activity on)

This was the Novotny Kids list from last summer

12 Days of SUMMER

Day 1 - Back To school Supply Shopping and Friend Sleepover
Day 2 - Outdoor Movie in the City park
Day 3 - Lemonade Stand to raise money for Jump Rope for Heart
Day 4 - ZOO visit
Day 5 - Bowling Fun
Day 6 - Seattle Science Center
Day 7 - Neighborhood Porch Breakfast / Beach Day with Big Brother
Day 8 - Final Summer Camping Trip
Day 9 - Putt Putt Golf
Day 10 - Hiking
Day 11 - Swimming
Day 12 - Homemade Snow cones

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