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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WIN: Go Back To School With Name Bubbles Labels

Labels for everyday life personalized, fun and easy

Name Bubbles, press and stick waterproof labels made with an eco-friendly and non-toxic ink, are the perfect choice for labeling the many items kids use at school and during their afternoon activities. For school uniforms, athletic equipment, and school supplies- the Name Bubbles personalized School Pack provides a mix of label styles that are durable, washing machine and dishwasher safe.

Kids have a lot to remember, Name Bubbles help them keep track of their things. Pencil boxes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and team uniforms look similar; name labels for kids help minimize lost items saving families time and money. If a personal belonging has a label, other kids will know to whom it belongs. Name Bubbles are fun, have flare, and add a little character to personal items. Kids enjoy taking part in the creation process by selecting one of the eight color palettes and 16 icons.

Name Bubbles School Pack provides 144 labels in a variety of styles, these include:

8 water resistant squares - perfect for big ticket items, these labels have room for contact information

8 water resistant rectangles - made for binders, folders, notebooks, and school books

36 water resistant minis - labels for art supplies and the many pencil box items

2 extra large water resistant rectangles - a label for your locker, favorite binder, or subject folder

56 laundry safe tags - press and stick kids clothing labels, for quick and reliable labeling

16 shoe labels - shoe labels are often needed for the gym and after school activities

16 waterproof rectangles - labels for outdoor or sports equipment

2 extra large waterproof rectangles - great for backpacks, sports bags, or any favorite item

The Name Bubbles School Pack is available online for $35.50 at www.namebubbles.com.

Name Bubbles founder, Michelle Brandriss, asked her 7 yr-old niece Terra and 9 yr-old nephew Connor, to name a few items they are labeling for school this fall. Terra; "All the stuff in my pencil box, cuz if it falls out, somebody will know it's mine and will give it back to me." Connor; "I definitely want to put labels on my sports equipment, like my soccer ball, PE shoes, and baseball glove."

SHOP: Stop by the Name bubbles site to order your labels today. Click here to go now.Label your kids stuff this year with Name bubbles

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Name Bubbles are giving away one Name Bubbles School pack.

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**This is a sponsored post from Name Bubbles. We also received Name Bubbles for review.



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