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Friday, January 29, 2010

10 Outside The Cereal Box Breakfast Ideas

1. Backwards Meals - Why not feed your kids their favorite lunch and dinner foods
- Dinner left overs
- Soup
- Lunch Meats

2 . Sweet Parfaits - Fill a parfait glass with assorted fruits, granola's and yogurts

3. Cereal Sundaes served in Ice Cream sundae dishes
- Cereal such as bran flakes, Wheaties's, cheerios with milk and topped with fruit
- Hot Oatmeal and fruit

4. Fresh Eggs -Hard boiled eggs
-Egg Mc Muffin at Home
-Pita pockets filled with scrambled eggs, diced ham and cheese
5. Fruity fun Smoothies with yogurt

6. Bagel pizzas – Cream cheese with fruit toppings

7. In Season fruit
-Fresh fruit salad
- Fruit and cheese platter

8. Cookies for breakfast
- Breakfast peanut butter cookies made w/ apple juice concentrate instead of sugar and
whole wheat
9. Yummy Tortillas
-Breakfast Burrito / huvos rancheros on the go
- Wrap up cold turkey and cheese

10 . Carbs Galore
- Pancakes / Waffles with added powder
- Make your own french toast sticks
- Mini muffins

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