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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Idea Paint - Simplifies Your Home

I love products that help my MOM world become more organized and simplified. Today I discovered Idea Paint. A paint that creates your walls into dry-erase boards.

Maybe I'll paint my entire school room/office with this new paint so I can write all of my lists on it, and my children can practice their math problems, hand writing and of course create a lot of doodle art - right on the walls. I can see it now my kids having a blast creating art all over the walls with no fear that the MOM will freak out - because it is completely erase-able.

Are you already wondering how you can try Idea Paint out? check out the FREEbie offer below.

Idea Paint is a patent-pending single-coat roller-applied paint that transforms any smooth surface into a high performance dry-erase writing surface.

Inspire the young Einstein by using IdeaPaint to transform children's walls into a larger-than-life canvas for creativity, imagination, and fun.

IdeaPaint isn't just for the kids. IdeaPaint is perfect for organizing a busy family – noting daily tasks, appointments, shopping lists and scheduling important events for the week.

Use IdeaPaint as a:

Innovation tool for any office environment

  • Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, seamless dry-erase surface
  • Dry-erase strip across a wall or around an entire room
  • Design element where placed over a colored surface

Cost effective dry-erase for educational areas

  • Dry-erase conversion for old chalkboards
  • Restoration tool for worn out whiteboards
  • Dry-erase writing surface on previously non-functional walls

Creative outlet for children

  • Dry-erase surface in any shape for a fun and functional wall
  • Entire dry-erase wall for drawing or working on school projects and homework
  • Dry-erase coating for desk or crafts table Deal of the Day -

Deal of the Day -Get a FREEbie sample of Idea Paint. Click Here.



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