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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

“What chores do your kids do?”

Children’s Chores!?!
By Leslie Fetters

When did you first think about chores for your kids? Did you have a great plan from the time they were born and you implemented it perfectly? Or maybe it was quite different.  It was at a playgroup when another mom casually asked, “What chores do your kids do?”  Did you feel confused, frustrated, defensive or guilty? Often, we work so hard to make sure our kiddos are fed, bathed, clothed, at appointments on time and finish their homework that time for “their” chores seems impossible to find.   
Are any of the following your excuse:

    My kids are still too young for chores – Children are never too young to          understand that in a family, everyone helps out.  Toddlers can pick up toys, put    clothes in the hamper, turn the TV off, help set the table and turn on the dishwasher. Most bigger chores build upon a series of these baby steps anyway.

It’s just faster to do it myself – Probably true. And you do the job “right.” However, if you put some time into training them now, you’ll be rewarded with a child used to carrying his share of the household load. This will help when life inevitable gets moving faster and faster as the kids grow.

They already know how to do chores – Knowing how to do something is very different than being able to do something. Everything from sweeping to toilet cleaning to laundry takes some practice. Learning these skills at home from mom (or dad) better prepares them for living on their own some day.

I don’t need the help – You might not need those extra hands but instead of sparing them the effort, you’re denying them the opportunity to work for the good of the household.  It is that contribution that makes them feel needed and important to the strength of the family. Work with the team – win with the team!

These may be excuses you’ve used before.  But I encourage you to grab hold of a better vision for your family: one full of skilled, responsible members who can get the job done so there’s time for fun!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter is only turning two years old; however, we started by example. When we done with an item, we put it away and we are gentle with our toys. Certain toys it is okay to be a little rougher with, other toys and items, have to be more gentle. She is really good about putting things back when I ask her to. Unless she is tired and grumpy, then not so much of the same result. I think you made great key points and I will also pass this along as good key topic that can be fusturating but rewarding at same time.

clc_little_britches @ yahoo dot com

May 31, 2011 at 7:58 PM  
Blogger leslief said...

2YO is a great age. They're so cute when they help out. Be sure to stick through the next few years though as your "helper" appears more work and less help.

June 2, 2011 at 6:03 PM  

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