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Sunday, April 10, 2011

You are EGGSTRA Special – Teaching Kids the habit of giving

One of my many MOMMY goals has been to teach my children the habit of giving. As you are fully aware we are living in an “all about ME” society, where our children are more influenced to think about themselves and what they can have and get then what they can give or do for others.

One way I am teaching/modeling the giving habit to my youngest boys is by having them create simple holiday gifts to give to their classmates throughout the school year.
A few years ago for the Easter  celebration we came up with this SIMPLE “You are EGGSTRA Special” gift.
We created a business size card that says “You are EGGSTRA Special”, then punched a hole on the corner of it so that we could tie a piece of ribbon on it. Next we filled plastic eggs with treats and before we closed the egg we put part of the ribbon in the egg so that the Tag would dangle from egg by the ribbon. ( download and print your FREE tags below)

Not only do my boys have fun making these simple gifts, they also feel the joy of giving when they get to hand each one of their classmates a simple gift from them.

Do you have a fun and simple giving idea? Post a comment and share your ideas with the 24/7 MOMS.
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