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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marriage Strengthing Test

 by Leslie Pleasants

Do you ever feel like you and your husband have grown apart?  Your kids have come between the two of you.   Those times when you were able to just sit and chat together don't happen that often... and if they do its about money or the kids.   There seems to be more bickering then complimenting.  It can happen when you let life stress you out.  You and your husband need to remember the importance of the two of you.  Without the two of you your family would crumble apart. 

Take the TEST  it is so simple and fun!  It is a Marriage
Strengthening Test that you and your husband fill out on your own time.  Then make a time together.... maybe a date night... or even just laying in bed.   Go over your answers together.  Some of them can be silly but it gets you both talking together.  You might have been making your husband a ham sandwich for 10 years now and in reality his favorite sandwich is turkey and he just never told you.  :)   It's all about communication.  Have fun with it!! 

Click here to print your Marriage Strengthening Test



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