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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spiritual Spa Survival Kit

By Jeanie Cullip

24/7 Moms Inspiration Editor

Create an easy and fun little gift for the girlfriends in your life or for the women in your life group, small group or table at women's bible study. (any women would love this really)

What you will need:

cellophane bag, ribbon, card stock paper, sponge (cut into small pieces), band-aids, matches, laffy taffy's, sand paper( cut into small pieces), pearl (not real just a dollar store fake pearl necklace is find), Dove Candy pieces, small little bottle (craft stores), something sweet , pebbles, and small coffee filters

What you will need to do:

Place one of each item in the bag along with a print out of the following guide that you can place on the card stock. Tie the bag with the ribbon and your Spiritual Spa Survival Kit is complete.

Spiritual Spa Survival Kit

Sponge to soak in God's grace.
Band-aid to snuggle in God's protection.
A match to illuminate God's word on your path.
Laffy Taffy to remind you to laugh loud & often.
Sand Paper to remove a calloused attitude.
Pearl to show the value of forgiveness
Dove to rejuvenate in God's peace
Bottle to refresh in God's goodness
Our praise is a Sweet aroma to the Lord
Pebble: God is our rock and our shelter.
Coffee filter: Everything is filtered through God's loving hands.

What are other things you can use to inspire one another? Do you know someone that you can inspire today?

Jeanie Cullip is a happily married, stay-at-home mommy of 3 children of her own and 2 step-children. Finding joy, love & hope right in her own back yard and sharing it with her neighbors near and far. In love with Jesus, loves to giggle & loves to drink coffee. She is a freelance writer residing in Gig Harbor. Find out a "latte" about Jeanie on her Facebook fan page Cup of Joe with Jeanie. For questions and comments please e-mail her at cupofjoewithjeanie@yahoo.com



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