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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back To School With Lunch Box Notes

As your kids head back to school this New Year print out these FREE lunch box notes and add a little fun to their day with a note from you or dad. My Teenagers even love getting notes.

Lighten Up Your Child's Lunch Box, Backpack, even a Pocket, and fill their school day with encouragement with these FREE Lunch box notes from Alenkas printables. Click here to print now.

Tell someone special your thinking about them with printable Disney character lunch notes images featuring character from High School Musical, Pixar's Wall-e, The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Disney Princesses, Ariel, Dumbo, and Jiminy Cricket. Click here to print now.

Lunch Notes from Kid Printables are great to secretly put into your child's lunch box or backpack. Click here to print now.

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Anonymous Ara said...

That's a lovely idea indeed. No one would not want a note full of encouragement as well as love from their mom or dad. I have remembered my childhood days, my mom is often worried when I'm going to school because back then I was a cry baby and a very shy kid. Oh well, you might as well like to try a stainless steel tiffin container as your lunch pack container. You can also add notes on it too. You can write on the stainless steel surface and erase it easily. You can also draw something funny. Moreover the tiffin container can stack up to 4 different foods in it without needing to mix it all just to fit it in. Try it, you'll be amaze of the design. =)

January 9, 2011 at 3:41 AM  

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