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Monday, December 20, 2010

6 Days Of Centerpieces -Cranberries & Candles

from: Budget Wise Home

Cranberries are such a beautiful way to decorate for the Christmas. The gorgeous color is perfect for creating a stunning and easy centerpiece. All it takes is a vase (any shape or size will do), candles, and cranberries. To keep it budget friendly, use a vase you already have and head to your nearest dollar store for candles. Place your candle inside the vase and then surround it with cranberries. You can adjust the amount of cranberries, depending on how high you want the candle to be. For added sparkle, pour sprite or any other clear carbonated beverage into the vase after the candle and cranberries are in place. For added drama, group multiple vases in varying heights together. Enjoy!

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