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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FREE ebook “Getting Your Kids to Cooperate and Become Team Players”

Getting Kids to Cooperate and Become Team Players: 10 Essential Strategies and Solutions

From: Susan Heid The Cofident Mom

Susan Heid is passionately committed to helping Christian Moms make small changes managing their home & family giving them more time, order and less stress.

Take if from a mom who has three kids, I know getting your children to start cooperating won’t happen on its own! Over the years I have collected some very effective strategies for getting my own children to cooperate and be part of our family team. I want to share with you some tools that you can begin using in your home today to start building cooperation among you and your children. It will take some work on your part, but with some practice, patience and persistence I can tell you that using these strategies consistently will provide the cooperation and teamwork that all moms desire......Want to KNOW more about this topic?

Click Here to download your FREE E-book now.

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