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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Age appropriate chore list

Chores For Kids Of All Ages

Age appropriate chore list.

2-3 years old

Make bed- begin with pull up covers
Pick up toys and books- use bins, boxes or totes. (limit toys -limit mess)
Dusting- use old socks and allow them to dust along side you
Set out napkins for dinner
Unload dishwasher, their utensils/plates/bowls- have their items on low shelves/drawers

4-6 year old

Set table and clear off dishes
Empty dishwasher- plastics and silverware
Clean room/toys
Make bed
Pick up dirty laundry-use small laundry bags/basket
Put away clean clothes
Feed pet
Prepare simple meals, breakfast or lunch
Garbage collector- empty small garage baskets
Water plants

School age 7-11

Make lunches-/pack school lunch
Clean kitchen
Sweep/mop floors
Beginning laundry- sort and fold
Clean inside family car-remove trash and vacuum
Empty garbage
Pick up yard-weed, rake and/or sweep
Help with younger siblings
Wash sheets and make bed
Unload/put away groceries


Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom; sink, tub, toilet
Clean garage
Wash car
Wash windows
Mow grass
Cook simple meals
Laundry-collect, sort, wash and fold
Mop floors
Babysit younger siblings so mom and dad can have date night
Vacuum house
Driving teens can begin to do grocery shopping
Clean out and organize their own closets and dressers
Take trash out - for garbage man

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