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Monday, August 2, 2010

On-The-Go Party Tips and WIN: FLINGS


Just in time for summer party planning and outdoor entertaining season, Flings Pop-Up Trash and Recycling Bins have teamed up with nationally renowned event planner, Jeanne Benedict, to provide consumers the tools needed to throw the ultimate on-the-go gathering. This summer, why not create memories with family and friends by enjoying some time away from home? Whether hosting a picnic in the park, or exploring the great outdoors at a local campground, the key to keeping it fun and easy is all in the preparation. Click on the screen below for Jeanne’s tips.

Party Planning Tips from Jeanne Benedict and Flings Bins

First priority for a party on-the-go is the cooler. Keep food fresh and guests refreshed while saving space. Pour out half the contents of individual size plastic water bottles and freeze them overnight. When packing up the cooler add filtered water to the bottles and replace the cap. These bottles will do double-duty by keeping food cold eliminating the need for ice, as well as serving as cold drinks for guests.

· With the food, it’s all about simplicity – think about what’s easy to prepare over a grill or campfire. Mix up a favorite burger blend at home and form patties. Place wax paper between each patty and stack them in a coffee can. They’ll be ready to slap on the grill as soon as it’s fired up!

· Another fun and efficient option for on-the-go eating is “Swiss Army Food.” Loaded baked potatoes are a great example – stuff them at home with cheese, green onions and bacon bits so they are ready to bake over a campfire or on the grill.

· When guests arrive offer them a welcome kit complete with essentials so they are just as comfortable as they would be at your home. Simply wrap plates, utensils, napkins and condiment packets in a colorful fabric square or napkin.

Travel smart and think ahead by having trash and recycling bins available. Flings Bins are packaged flat so they are convenient to take on-the-go and serve as the perfect alternative when trash and recycling options are not available. They are extremely strong and leak-proof with a built-in drawstring, allowing for easy transport from the party site to the park trash can. Simply pop open the bin and fill with trash in one and recyclables in another. Several designs are available. For more information, visit www.FlingsBins.com and www.Facebook.com/FlingsBins.

WIN: 24/7 MOMS adn FLINGS are givng away 1 Flings Recycling Bin and 1 Flings BBQ Bin.

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