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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Go Back To School With Good Clean Fun Giveaway



For parents searching for natural bath alternatives for their toddlers and children, Smith & Vandiver has a solution. Bath time can now be naturally fun with the new NPA certified natural bath time suds – Good Clean Fun Dino-Bubbles and Ducky- Bubbles. These two fun foaming formulas are totally safe for young skin and created especially for kids age’s two to ten.

There are lots of natural and organic baby products on the market, and lots of safe products for adults, but until now the 2-10 year old crowd has been forgotten. And what self-respecting seven-year-old wants to use a product marked “baby”? Dino and Ducky Bubbles make bath time fun and age appropriate for the 2-10 year old crowd while letting Mom rest easy that she’s doing the right thing with safe, certified natural products.

Some of the features and benefits include:

· PH balanced to be gentle and non-irritating to the skin and eyes.

· Certified Natural, meeting the Natural Products Association’s audited standard, which insures 95%+ natural content with any synthetic or processed ingredients are safe.

o Sulfate-free and non-toxic to small livers

o Phalate-free certified natural fragrance

o Paraben and formaldehyde free

· Contain no colors, synthetic fragrances or animal by-products

· Made in the USA

The Good Clean Fun Bubbles are packed in colorful squishy pouches are made with 82% less plastic to go into a landfill if not recycled. This combined with a biodegradable formula, ensures that the products leave a small footprint.

For more fun in the tub, Good Clean Fun’s fizzy friends, Dino-Fizz, Prince or Frog, and Party Ducky are a delight. These bubbly effervescent treats fill the tub with a skin safe, natural scent as they bob and bounce. While they fizz away, the bubbles release skin-softening conditioners blended specifically for young, sensitive skin. Once they dissolve, a special surprise is revealed as a dinosaur, duck, prince or a frog pops out and floats to the top.

Parents can feel completely comfortable and confident that these unique treats are totally safe. Made in the United States with top quality ingredients, the fizzies are pH balanced and sulfate, synthetic fragrance, and paraben-free. They contain no ethoxylated ingredients, formaldehyde or dioxane donors.

All of the Good Clean Fun Fizzy bath treats make perfect birthday favors, stocking stuffers and good behavior rewards. They can transform everyday bath time battles into good clean fun.

The Good Clean Fun Collection includes:

· Dino-Bubbles – Jungle Grape

· Ducky-Bubbles – a fruity “Marsh Melon”

· Dino-Fizz – with three collectible “baby” dinos Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, or Stegosaurus

· Prince or Frog – which is in your future?

· Bath Party with a pop up Ducky in a party hat

Bubbles and Bath Fizzies are available at grocery, chain drug, and mass-market retailers, specialty stores and natural stores across the country and on-line at www.svnaturally.com. The suggested retail price for Good Clean Fun Bubbles is $6.99 for a 12.5 oz. package and Bath Fizzies are $1.59 each or $14.99 for a value pack of 12.

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Good Clean Fun are giving away:
1 Dino Bubbles
1 Dino Fizz
1 Prince or Frog Fizz

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What a fun giveaway! I love that these are safe children's bath products and I'm sure that they'll love the surprise left when the fizz dissolves.

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