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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Homework Stations

It's time to create and organize my kids homew0rk station for the coming School year. The past few months we have been remodeling our bonus room and have included a new homework station for our kids. They are excited to have their own space and are ready to begin stocking it with their supplies.

Motivate your kids to do their homework by creating a space of their own.

Here are 4 ideas to help you create a fun homework station in your home.

Homework Closet-
Several years ago when we lived in home that did not have a home office we cam up with a solution of creating our coat closet into a mini office. This is a great solution for a Homework station for your kids as well. Click here to see Cheap Chic's ideas and how to's

Homework Central - An ingenious solution: turn display boards (available at office supply stores) into study carrels that can be set up in a flash, with all the necessary supplies close at hand. Easily stowed in a corner or a closet, these customizable stations keep kids focused on learning by providing a fun home base for tackling their assignments. And a single display board makes two carrels, so each sibling can have his own.

From Family Fun Click here for complete instructions.

DIY Portable Homework station
from Roots and Wings

Click here for complete how to instructions.

Create A Portable Homework Station For Your Schoolchild

from: Grace Brook

Doing homework at a desk can feel constricting for some children. To eliminate the problem, I created this stylish portable homework station for my 5- year old daughter to hold all of her school supplies. I liked this craft organizer which I found at Michael’s because it had a handle, lots of pockets, and a small drawer. My daughter uses the organizer to stores her scissors, stapler, paper clips, glue stick, markers, large supply of pencils (no excuses to get up from doing homework to look for another pencil), and flash cards. There is a Lazy Susan base for ease of use. The portable organizer gives my daughter the flexibility and convenience to work at her desk, at the kitchen table, or at her grandmother’s house. She has everything she needs at her fingertip

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