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Friday, August 20, 2010

Adding Brain BOOSTERS To your daily Family Diet

It's time to get our kids brain active again and what better way is there then some good ole' brain boosters. The kind of brain boosters that boost both your kids brains and your family time.

Enjoy these fun Brain Boosters ( games) with your kids;

Game Closet Boosters:

- Candy Land: teaches matching and colors

- Monopoly: teaches counting skills, money skills

- Battleship : teaches thinking and strategy skills

- Chinese Checkers: teaches kids to identify patterns

- Pay Day: teaches kids about money management and finances

- Connect Four: teaches counting skills

Road Trip Boosters:

- Listen to Stories on CD then ask your kids comprehension questions.

- Teach your kids to track your trip on a map

- Family story - have one person start a story and each person takes turns adding to the story creating your own family story time.

- Play 20 Questions: Think of something and players guess 20 yes/no clues (Does live in a Zoo? Does eat vegetables?) until they know what it is.

Online Boosters:

- Fun Brain

- Starfall

- Fun School Kaboose

- PBS Kids

- Seussville

What fun ideas do you have to boost your kids Brain?

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