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Thursday, May 20, 2010

WIN: Big Bird, Little Bird by Sarah Hickman DVD

Send your little ones off to dreamland with visions of flowers, clouds and butterflies dancing to the delightful vocals of renowned singer-songwriter Sara Hickman in Big Bird, Little Bird, a beautifully animated program coming to DVD June 15, 2010.

Big Bird, Little Bird,
based upon Hickman’s award-winning CD Newborn, – features 13 of Hickman’s soothing songs for children ages newborn to five. The DVD is brought to life through bright, colorful computer animation (one by Hickman herself) that engages young viewers and creates a calming bonding experience between parent and child that can be shared and enjoyed again and again.

Whether learning about the goop lingering in the corner of your eye, the family tree or a dispute between two birds over a crumb of bread, Big Bird, Little Bird DVD is a sweet union of visual, lyrical and musical art and a stunning treasure to be added to any wee one’s DVD library.

Songs – ranging from 52 seconds to 5 minutes – are “It’s Alright (Acapella), “A Slice of Heaven,” “Goop’s In It,” “Big Bird, Little Bird,” “Lily,” “This Heart,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “The Family Tree (You and Me),” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “We Are Each Other’s Angels” and “It’s Alright.”

The DVD also includes 14 short parenting tips – hosted by Hickman, a former certified parenting instructor – offering ideas on what to expect as they enter the glorious challenge that is their newborn’s life.

Tips include “Nursing,” “First Hello,” “Introduce Your Baby,” “Being Polite,” “Being on the Same Level,” “No-No to Pacifiers,” “G.E.M.s,” “Feeling Frustrated,” “Early to Bed, Early to Rise,” Consistency is Key,” “It’s a Whole Other World,” “Going to the Store,” “Family Ritual” and “Rap Up.”

Hickman, the Official State Musician of Texas for 2010-2011 (following Willie Nelson), plans on using Big Bird, Little Bird to help families create together and bring art programs into public schools, is an acclaimed recording artist who is devoted to both her two girls and children’s and community causes. A National Reading Ambassador for Half Price Books in 2004, Hickman traveled the country performing and reading to children. She has served on the board of directors of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences; was awarded the Humana “Women Helping Women” award for her contributions to such organizations as Safe Place, Habitat for Humanity and Race for the Cure; and was made an honorary member of the National Association of Music Therapy for her inspiring work. She has toured nationally with such artists as Nanci Griffith and Dan Fogelberg and has released several recordings for adults.

Previous CD releases include Newborn, a collection of 15 traditional and original tunes; Toddler, featuring 31 songs, stories and poems around one minute in length; and Big Kid, 24 tracks featuring a variety of musical styles –hip-hop, country, folk, swing, blue grass and rhythm & blues. All have received numerous awards from organizations that honor the very best in children’s programming, including Parents’ Choice, National Association of Parenting Publications (NAPPA), Dr. Toy, Creative Child Magazine and others.

Future releases include DVDs based upon Toddler and Big Kid will be available in 2011. Big Bird, Little Bird is approximately 30 minutes (plus parenting tips) and will be available for a suggested retail price of $14.95 from Hickman’s music label Sleeveless. To order visit www.sarahickman.com.

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Sarah Hickman are givng away one copy of Big Bird, Little Bird, DVD.

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