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Friday, April 30, 2010

WIN: Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker system

As the weather begins to warm, parks and public playgrounds become crowded with eager kids ready to let loose from being indoors. But with the warmer weather and playing outside also comes safety issues.

More than ever, moms want peace of mind. Peace of mind that their child made it to a friend’s house in the neighborhood or to the local park safely. The Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker helps provide that peace of mind.

Give your child the freedom to explore while still maintaining peace of mind with the new Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker system. The device enables you to access your child's location 24/7 via your computer or smartphone.

The Little Buddy transmitter uses GPS and cellular technology to provide real time location updates. It fits effort less into any lunchbox or backpack, making it easy for you child to carry while on the go. Set parameters and check-ins while still building trust and granting additional privileges. A variety of service options ranging from a flat monthly rate to per-search fee, allow you to choose the plan that fits your family's needs.

Of course nothing replaces talking to your child about their safety. That’s why the Insignia Little Buddy Tracker is not recommended to replace those discussions, but rather to provide extra protection and peace of mind – because you can’t be physically attached to your child 24/7.


Tracks your child indoors and outdoors using GPS and cellular technology

-Easily Check you child's location 24/7 from your smartphone or computer

- Receive real-time alerts

- Low battery - a text message will alert you when the battery on your device is low.

- Safety checks - you can setup areas and times where your child is supposed to be ( like "at school" or in " the neighborhood") and if they leave the area you get a text message.

- Flexible payment plans include flat monthly fee or on a per-search basis

- 30 day free trial with unlimited usage.

SHOP - Click here to shop Best Buy for your Little Buddy Child Tracker

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Insignia are giving away on Little Buddy.

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*We received a complimentary Insignia Little Buddy Child Tracker for review no financial compensation was received.



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Blogger Moonpie said...

I am a subscriber. I wish they had had these when my girls were growing up. My daugther could use this with her little one. She moves at 90 miles and hour in all directions.

April 30, 2010 at 7:25 PM  
Anonymous Shannon said...

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Blogger Ashley Walter said...

I am a subscriber! Wow! This would be great! My almost 3 year old doesn't seem to care if I'm not around and tries to wonder off all the time!

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Blogger Erin said...

I am a subscriber! It would such a blessing to win this. Living in a city like Dorchester, Ma I have to try and have eyes around my whole head at all times and it's hard trying to let my oldest grow up as he should when i am so worried about where/who he is with etc.

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