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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Survey Says......10 in 2010

In 2009 24/7 MOMS Live became the #1 viewed MOM live webcast show and we are ready to make it even better in 2010 for moms across the world.

Will you help us by Taking the 10 in 2010 survey? 24/7 MOMS wants to HEAR your opinions, ideas and suggestions and you just might WIN some Starbucks.
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Don't know what 24/7 MOMS Live webcast is all about:
24/7 MOMS Live is the #1 MOM webcast ( TV show on your computer). We air weekly on Tuesday nights 2 times 7pm PST and 9pm PST.

The 24/7 MOMS live webcast is designed to be a live talk show for moms sharing the MOM journey with MOM tips, ideas, Real mom stories along with demonstrations and plenty of giveaways.

Don't miss taking motherhood to the next level join us every Tuesday night at www.247moms.com 7pm PST and 9pm PST

Click here to take survey



Anonymous cabin design said...

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December 30, 2009 at 1:28 AM  

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