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Sunday, September 27, 2009

WIN - Bill Meyers On The Run Book

Got Tweens? kids ages 9 to 12 who are full of adventure? Who you are always looking for new books to inspire them to read ? Then check out the latest Bill Meyers series The Elijah Project.

The Elijah Project series of books include On the Run, The Enemy Closes In, Trapped by Shadows, and The Chamber of Lies. They have been written for readers ages 9-12, The Elijah Project series explores the adventures of Zach and his sister Piper as they battle to protect their little brother Elijah, a six-year-old whose supernatural gifts have drawn the attention of dark forces.

The first book in the series, On the Run, introduces 16-year-old Zach and his 13-year-old sister Piper. The brother and sister team must search for their parents while trying to keep Elijah safe. Although he never speaks, there is something pure and supernatural about Elijah that the powers of heaven want to protect and the powers of darkness want to destroy. Zach and Piper are going to need a lot of help from heaven to protect their little brother.

The Elijah Project series is the latest in a growing list of Zonderkidz titles targeting 9-12 year-old readers.

WIN- 24/7 MOMS and ZonderKidz are giving away one copy of On The Run book.

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